Two-thirds of Nav kroner abroad goes to Norwegians

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Foreign nationals residing abroad received last year 2.4 billion from Nav. But almost two-thirds of the 6.8 billion Nav sent out of the country last year, went to the Norwegians.

It is shown in an analysis that Nav has implemented payments from Nav to persons residing abroad. Nav has looked at how 407 billion support money last year ended up, and broken it down to residential address, plus looked at trends from 2010.
Most to Norwegians
The overall picture is that the Norwegian nationals received 65 percent of Nav transfers that went out of the country last year, while 35 per cent went to foreign nationals living abroad.
The analysis shows that more than more than three-quarters (78 percent) of international payments went to retirement and disability benefits. These heavy benefits are  predominantly received by Norwegians .
73 percent of pension payments and 84 percent of the disability allowance that was sent out of the country, went last year to Norwegian nationals.
– It is surprising that retirement and disability benefits constitutes such a high percentage, and that such a high percentage of payments abroad goes to Norwegian nationals. This makes the figures far less dramatic than one might think when you hear that nearly 7 billion going abroad, says section manager Ole Christian Lien Nav said to news agency NTB.

He adds that the share of foreign recipients abroad, retirement and disability pensions, are likely to increase in the future.
– This will come as a natural consequence of the increased labor migration we’ve had in the past years. Some of them may want to move to their home country the day they become pensioners, says Lien.
This is the first time the agency submits this  most detailed and quality assured number of Nav payments abroad. Last year, 1.68 per cent of total payments from Nav went abroad. That is 0.9 per cent more than five years ago.

39 million in cash
While Norwegians dominate among recipients of long-term benefits abroad, the majority of foreign nationals among receiving unemployment benefit (89 percent), cash (85 percent), sickness benefits (81 percent) and child (75 percent).
Only 35 percent of Nav benefits that went out of the country last year went to foreign nationals.
The analysis shows that foreign nationals abroad last year received a total of NOK 150 million in allowance and 39.1 million in cash.  A total of  15.1 billion was paid in child benefit, of this was almost 1 percent to foreign nationals abroad.
Of the 1.6 billion in cash, the same group got  2.38 percent of the total.
– It will probably be a wake up call for many to see how  small a proportion of those benefits go abroad, says Ole Christian Lien.

He adds that there are also children living abroad that will be able to receive cash benefits and allowances from Norway.
– If one parent lives in Poland and the other in Norway, they will be entitled to both Polish and Norwegian child benefit. If the child lives in Poland, it will first obtain the Polish child benefit as the foundation and then be paid the difference ,topped up to the Norwegian level of child benefit by Norway, says Ole Christian Lien


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today