16-year-old stabbed by ex at school in Lier

Hallvard highschool lierHallvard high school in Lier.Photo: Vegard Aas / NTB scanpix

16-year-old stabbed by ex boy friend at school in Lier

During school hours, and with fellow students as spectators, was a 16-year-old girl was stabbed by her ex-boy friend at a school in Lier Monday. The girl is seriously injured.


The knife stabbing occurred at St. Hallvard’s High School just before 11 am. Nine of the girl’s fellow students witnessed the dramatic assault.

The girl was stabbed several times in the upper body and was hastily driven to Drammen Hospital where she was put directly on the operating table. Monday afternoon the injuries were described as being serious.

The event began with the 19-year-old approaching the school where the girl attends and met her in the school’s aula. There was a confrontation between them, but fellow students initially were able to separate them, writes Drammens Tidende.

Shortly thereafter the 19-year-old sought the girl out once again, in a corridor outside of her classroom. He then attacked and stabbed her several times. He ran from the scene, but was arrested by the police in a residential area 20 minutes later.

Former boyfriend

The motive behind the knife stabbing is not known, but the police confirm to the NRK that 19-year-old and girl have previously been a couple. The police therefore indicate that there is no reason to believe that the girl was a random victim.

– There has been a former relationship between the perpetrator and the insulted, but there is no family relationship. As I have understood matters, it has been a personal relationship going on for some time, says police deputy leader Arne Guddal.


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