Amnesty critical of Norway spending millions at the World Exhibition in Dubai


‘Norway spent NOK 40 million on Norwegian participation in the world exhibition in Dubai. Norway plays on authoritarian countries’ premises,’ says Amnesty.

The business community and the public sector must splurge on the expenses for Norway’s participation. The government’s contribution has a ceiling of NOK 40 million, informs the Ministry of Trade and Fisheries to E24.

Of this money, NOK 25 million will go to build a pavilion in the desert of the United Arab Emirates.

“They therefore stand out in a state that commits large human rights violations, and which are currently an active participant in the war in Yemen, where we also know that their side commits war crimes,” says General Secretary John Peder Egenæs from Amnesty Norway.

The World Expo (Expo) is being held in Dubai in October 2020. The Government believes that participation will, among other things, strengthen Norway’s position as an internationally leading port nation.

With regard to the human rights situation in the United Arab Emirates, the Government believes that dialogue and influence work from international actors and other countries over time will have a positive effect on the situation, according to the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Egenæs does not think so. He refers to the cooperation between Norway and China, which he believes shows that Norway plays on the premise of powerful and authoritarian countries in order to achieve short-term profit goals.

“The government must show, in public, what specific measures they actually do and what they actually say to the authorities of authoritarian countries. So far, the most vague formulations are, as we also see in this case,” says Egenæs.

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