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New app allows others to see exactly where you are

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New app allows others to see exactly where you are 24 / 7

A company, GatorNorge, has launched the so-called ‘TeleGAPP’ app, which allows family and friends to see where you are all the time.


‘Since Thursday morning, we’ve had 8,000 downloads,’ marketing manager, Morten Sæthre, told Finansavisen.

Last autumn, the company launched mobile clocks, which became a big hit among parents who wanted to control their children’s movements. The clocks weren’t as popular with the Data Inspectorate, and the Children’s Ombudsman, who believe the product opens the way to surveillance.

The new app, as Sæthre said, is primarily a social medium, to whom Snapchat are the biggest competitor. It can be connected to the clocks, but also used on mobile phones.

‘In Snapchat, the phone appears with the position where the app was last used. Our app traces your position the whole time, even when you’re not using the app’, said Sæthre.

Users choose who can see their position, and can also choose to hide their position if they wish.

‘We have examples of people who are told by their wives that they can only go out on the town so long as they are visible on the app,’ said Sæthre.

According to GatorNorge’s marketing manager, there’s never been an app that allows the ‘public’ option, showing anyone where you are at any time.

‘Up to now, 500 to 600 users have chosen to go ‘public’, said Sæthre. Of course, the fact that the app tracks you whether it is switched on or not, means that in the future, any authority who wishes to do so will be able to track every movement of your life, on any day, in any year, with precision, whether you’d chosen to go public or not.

How cool is that?


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today

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