2,000 foreigners forced out of Norway this year

Policeman in front of airplanePolice Immigration.Photo: NTB Scanpix

Norwegian police have forcibly deported 2,039 foreigners during the first six months of the year. This is 19 percent less than in the first half of last year.

In June, 349 people were sent out, about one-third were charged with one or more felonies in Norway, according to recent figures from the Police Immigration Unit (PU).

Of the offenders who have been deported, most had citizenship from Romania (16 percent), Poland (13 percent) and Lithuania (9 percent).

It is the PU that has the national responsibility for forced return of persons who do not have legal residence in Norway.

Eight out of ten persons (1,653 people) deported this year are either expelled or removed. 186 had received final rejection for an asylum application and 200 were sent out according to the Dublin rules, to a safe third country.

Those who have been forced by Norwegian police this year belong to 121 different nationalities and they are transported to 65 different countries. The country they were sent to is not necessarily their home country.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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