2000+ Refugees Aim for Norway

Congo refugeesRefugees from Congo.

2000+ refugees from Syria, The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Libya will soon be standing upon Norwegian soil. The Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Norwegian Immigration Directorate have announced preliminary processing of 2000+ Norwegian-bound refugees allotted by 2018 governmental quota.


The Norwegian Ministry of Justice reminds that by mandate, the Police Security Service and Police Immigration Unit must participate alongside seated withdrawal commissions to process and select Syrian & Libyan refugees slated for Norwegian immigration.

The Ministry of Justice also reminds that refugee family compositions will be a consideration when deciding upon the acceptable size of any refugee family anticipated for Norwegian immigration.

Originally, Norway’s 2018 government budget proposals allotted a quota of 1120 refugees. During the Storting’s budget treatments, opposition promoted an increase of these quota figures to 2120 allowable immigration refugees.

A Ministry of Justice letter to the Immigration Directorate details 2018’s ratios of allowable transfer refugees to Norway; with 1000 transfer refugees accepted from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in Uganda, 700 refugees allowed entry from Syria in Lebanon and a further 300 accepted from Libya. 120 seats are allotted to random countries suffering refugee needs.

In total, Norway’s immigration quota for 2018 is 2120 seats.

Transfer refugees (quota refugees) are classified as those persons who are usually registered as refugees of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) but who can’t be offered a lasting immigration solution within the originating country or current country of habitation. The Congo, Syria and Libya all suffer from massive population emigration due to internal strife, poverty and war.


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