22-year-old from Tromsø charged with abusing 75 children

Oslo East Police carPolice car. Photo: Norway Today Media


A 22 year old man from Tromsø is accused of sexual abuse of a total of 75 children, 69 boys and six girls.

Troms Police completed their extensive investigation in early December, writes Nordlys.

Most of the plaintiffs are from Tromsø, but also from Troms, otherwise from Nordland, Hedmark, Vestfold and Agder. The man faces charges of amongst other things, physical sexual abuse of a total of eight children under the age of 16.

Four of the victims according to the indictment were under the age of 14 at time of the offense. According to police, he come in contact with the victims by giving his proper identity.

In most circumstances the abuse was committed over the internet, using fake profiles. He is also alleged to have used photo images he has received from other victims to mislead other children.

The accused 22 year old’s lawyer, Sven Crogh says that he has not gone through the indictment with his client, but it’s already known that the man has essentially acknowledged what he’s been accused of.

Prosecutors have indicated a possible custody claim against the accused 22-year-old.

The trial of the accused man begins on February 6th, and the court has set aside six weeks for the process. The Tromsø man has been in custody since March 2016.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today