Four out of ten negative to oil drilling off of Lofoten

Petroleum and Energy Minister Terje SoviknesPetroleum and Energy Minister Terje Soviknes.Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB Scanpix

There is a majority of people who are against oil drilling off of Lofoten and Vesterålen. 42% said no, while 31% said yes. Meanwhile, the don’t proportion is 27%.

The results are from a poll carried out by InFact for the newspaper VG on Monday, January 9th.

The poll reveals sizable gender differences: 41% of men are positive and 38% are negative. Amongst women, 22% are for oil drilling, while 47% are opposed.

There is only a small majority amongst Høyre and Frp’s voters who are for oil production. Over half percent of Frp’s voters are positive with 55%.

As for Høyre, 48% are for oil operation in Lofoten, Vesterålen and Senja, often abbreviated to LoVeSe. The only region where there is a majority who are positive to oil production in LoVeSe is in the West Coast. Ap’s voters are only 27% for and 45% against.

Petroleum and Energy Minister Terje Soviknes (Frp) says the poll results are surprising.

– Yes, the results of Ap is surprising. That they are now changing their meaning is also surprising: Ap has always hammered on the issue that wealth must be created before it can be distributed.

It seems to be disappearing in Ap’s climate rhetoric, he says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today