453 foreigners deported from Norway in September

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In September, Norwegian police transported 453 people by force. This is the highest number in a single month since September last year.

One-fourth of the deported persons, 120 persons, were subjected to one or more penal sanctions in Norway, figures from the Police Immigration Unit (PU), which have the national responsibility for the forced return of persons without legal residence in Norway.

Of the punishments that have been transported so far this year, 16 percent had Romanian citizenship, while 13 percent were from Poland and 10 percent from Lithuania.

So far this year 3,169 people have been sent out of Norway by PU. This is 18 percent less than at the same time last year.

Those forced out by Norwegian police this year belong to 134 different nationalities, and they have been transported to 120 different countries. The country to which they are expelled to is not necessarily their home country.

Ukrainians topped the list of nationalities with 236 people, followed by 200 Russians and 187 Romanians. At the same time, Sweden topped the list of countries foreigners were sent to with 336 envoys, despite the fact that only 22 of the forced expatriates were Swedish citizens.

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