50 years old found guilty of double murder on Kvaløya

Hålogaland CourtHålogaland Court .Photo: domstol.no

A 50 years old man from Tromsø in Hålogaland Court of Appeal found guilty of the murders of Hermod Magne Steinsund (48) and Stein Håvard Larsen (45) in autumn 2014.

The jury answered yes to the three questions posed by the court and is thus agreed prosecution’s contention that Stein Håvard Larsen was shot and killed by the defendant. Despite extensive investigation and more thorough search, the Larsen never been found.

The jury also answered yes to the question about the murder of Steinsund which was done deliberately, and that 50 years old was criminally sane when murders were committed.

Steinsund was shot in his own home. The appeal continues Wednesday with procedures of sentencing. In court, 50 years old sentenced to 21 years’ detention with a minimum term of 10 years.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today