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Over 500 VW cars in Norway may have pedal error

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524 cars of the type VW Tuareg have to be checked for a possible pedal error,  the importer in Norway informs.

On Friday it became known that Volkswagen  are asking owners of a total of 800,000 VW Tuareg and Porsche Cayenne worldwide to get their cars checked for a possible pedal error.
In Norway, it is the 524 Tuareg that needs an inspection,  Manager writes.
– We will inspect the affected vehicles in order to find out whether the locking ring is fitted correctly, and possibly  instal a new locking ring ,  information officer Anita Svane at the importer Harald A. Moller said.
The customers will be contacted by the dealer, and the upgrading of vehicles is planned to start  next week.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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