5,500 new Red Cross God-parents

Red CrossRed Cross President (Norway) Robert Mood.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

Christmas Action on TV 2 on Saturday night created 5,500 new Red Cross God-parents. ‘A wonderful evening’, said President, Robert Mood.


The new president of the Red Cross is very happy for everyone who engaged on Saturday night.

‘This means a lot to many children and mothers who need help.Whether they are Syrian refugees in Lebanon, or people in Bangladesh who have fled from the violence in Myanmar, and right now, are missing everything’, said Mood.

Guri Solberg, Kadafi Zaman and Erik Thorstvedt led the almost three-hour broadcast.

The new sponsors will help children, and mothers, access health care, clean water, food, vaccines and protection. In addition, they will support with emergency relief when earthquakes hit, or people flee because of conflicts,or persecution.

‘I send a big and humble thank you to all new, and old, sponsors who provide vital help for those who need it most,’ said Mood.


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