81 percent pass the citizenship test

Norwegian passportIllustrative image of a Norwegian passport.Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB scanpix

The results for the entire country show that 81 percent of the candidates passed the citizenship test in 2019. This translates to one in five areas.

During the past year, a total of 6,244 people took the test. Some of them have taken the test several times, and there are variations in the results between the counties and the municipalities.

“The results on a national basis are consistently good,” said Sveinung Skule, Director of Competence Norway, who develops the tests on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Research.

The exam consists of 32 assignments that must be answered in one hour. The candidates can also have the questions read out. To pass, you must answer 24 questions correctly.

All foreigners aged 18 to 67 must pass the test in order to obtain Norwegian citizenship.

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