Activity requirement for recipients of social benefits from the New Year

Christl KvamChristl Kvam . Photo: Torstein Bøe / NTB scanpix

From the New Year the government will introduce activity obligation for all under 30 receiving social assistance benefits.

The proposal concerning an obligation for all receiveing social assistance  will apply to all municipalities. Initially, from 1 January, the activity requirement apply to recipients under 30 years of age.
– Those who do not meet this requirement will have their benefits reduced, said Ms Christl Kvam NRK.
Activity requirement is already in place in several municipalities. Drammen municipality has saved 17 million in annual payments because the number of recipients has decreased.
– The municipality should have dialogue with its social assistance clients. This is intended as an opportunity and not a punishment, said Kvam.
The proposal which requires that municipalities set “conditions for activity”, was passed by Parliament in spring 2015 with the votes from the Conservative Party, Progress Party and the Liberals. Before the decision could come into force, the state and KS will have to agree how much municipalities should receive in compensation for increased expenses.
Researchers at the Frisch Centre has found that activity requirement for young people has the positive effect of getting  them to finish high school.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today