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AEO authorization

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AEO authorization from customs

AEO is an authorization that the Customs Office may provide to an enterprise. Such an authorization gives the enterprise certain benefits in the form of simplifications.


What is AEO?

AEO is an authorization that the Customs Office, upon application, can assign an enterprise and which provides certain benefits in the form of simplifications. AEO is the abbreviation for the Authorized Economic Operator and which in Norwegian is translated as Autorisert økonomisk operatør.

In the EU, AEO status can be applied to both security and in customs procedures. In Norway, AEO status is offered only regarding security. Accordingly, in Norway, no simplified customs procedures are supplied as part of the Authorized Economic Operator regime.

The customs office in Norway however already has other authorization schemes through permits and grants related to simplified customs procedures, for example; permission to operate customs warehouses, permissions for direct deliveries, authorized recipient, authorized sender, etc.

Who can apply for AEO status?

Firms involved in cross-border shipment can apply for Authorized Economic Operator status, but must be registered as a separate business unit in the Brønnøysund Register. However, the Norwegian Department of Foreign Enterprises (NUF) can not be granted the status.

If the parent company is domiciled in an EU country, it may apply for AEO status there. All sub-entities will then be covered by the parent company’s AEO status, as the sub-unit is not an independent legal entity. Independent legal subunits must apply for authorization.

If you are considering applying for Authorized Economic Operator status and / or seek additional information, please contact the customs region where your business is resident.

To apply for AEO status, you must decide if a possible AEO status should be published in the list (top of the page) over businesses with AEO status.


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