Afghan suspected of murder out of coma

Afghan, Sør-Trøndelag District CourtEntrance to the Sør-Trøndelag District Court in Trondheim. Photo:

Afghan suspected of murder wakes up from a coma

The 18-years-old Afghan, who is charged with double murder in Trondheim, has been detained for a week. On Wednesday, the teenager woke up from an induced coma.


His defence attorney, Tore Angen, went to St. Olavs Hospital on Wednesday together with an interpreter to meet the indicted 18-years-old but was recommended to postpone the meeting. It is therefore unlikely that he will be able to communicate with his client on Wednesday.

– He is awake but medicated, so they think there is no point in talking with him regarding the charges brought against him. I saw him, but following the advice of the doctor in charge, I did not talk to him,  Angen tells the local newspaper Adresseavisen.

The Afghan asylum seeker is charged with killing two of his Afghan friends and injuring a third. He was shot in a leg by the police during his apprehension at the Trondheim Central Station on Monday night. At the hospital, he was placed in an artificial coma and woke up from it on Wednesday. His condition allegedly seems to be improved. In addition to the gun wound, the teenager also inflicted some harm to himself, his lawyer informs.

Detained for one week

An interrogation will not be conducted before Thursday at the earliest.

– It may happen tomorrow at the earliest. I do not know if he wants to explain himself to the police, or if I will advise him to do so. Either way, this will happen late in the day at the earliest, the lawyer continues.

The police on Wednesday requested for detention for two weeks with restrictions for the 18-years-old. Angen explains to VG that he has consented to the detention on behalf of his client, but for one week only, something the South Trøndelag District Court in Trondheim agreed to, writes the newspaper Dagbladet.

The prison meeting was decided ex-officio, where the person charged is not required to meet in person.

Injured friend questioned

It was Nasratullah Hashimi (19) and Reza Alizada (17) who were killed in Prinsens gate in Trondheim on Monday. Both victims were granted a legal stay in Norway. This also applies to the 18-years-old friend, who is injured and hospitalised. He was questioned by the police on Tuesday.

– I talked to my client for the first time Tuesday. He is only 18 years old and, in my opinion, well looked after considering the situation he is in, his support attorney Sigrun Dybvad tells Adresseavisen.

The accused 18-years-old travelled to Trondheim in August, after staying at reception centre elsewhere in Norway.

– The investigation continues at full force. We have received technical and tactical assistance from the Crime Unit (Kripos), the police reports.


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