Air pollution in New Delhi is worse

New Delhi Indian boy uses a handkerchief to protect his face as school children and parents await transport surrounded by morning smog on the outskirts of New Delhi, India. This week the air was the worst it’s been all year in the capital, with microscopic particles that can affect breathing and health spiking, at times, to 75 times the level considered safe by the World Health Organization. Authorities have temporarily closed schools and stopped most trucks from entering the city. (AP Photo/R S Iyer)

Air pollution in New Delhi has become even worse, and there are no signs of relief in the heavy gray smog hanging over the polluted capital.


Airlines have cancelled flights to New Delhi and city authorities have stopped all construction, closed all brick kilns and banned trucks from driving into town. Nevertheless, this has not help improved the levels of pollution..

Air quality is close to 30 times worse than the World Health Organization believes is healthy.

Rain is reported on Wednesday, but it is believed that this will have little effect on the smog.

“It can help reduce it a little, but it will only be a light rain. So probably it will not help so much,” informs the meteorological institute in India.


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