Ambulance drivers overwhelmed by spectators filming rather than helping

Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Ambulance drivers are worried about an ever-increasing trend of spectators filming accidents on mobile phones rather than helping according to a new survey.

In the survey, 160 ambulance workers in Østfold were questioned wrote Fredriksstad Blad newspaper.

‘’There are several examples where people were more concerned with filming rather than helping. We also find that they stand in the way and make it difficult for us to work in peace’’ said union representative, Marius Bjørndalen of the union for the ambulance service at the Østfold Hospital.

The ambulance workers say they are often disturbed by spectators who are filming and taking pictures, while ambulance workers are trying to do their job.

‘’55% found that they are being filmed or listened to while they are at work. If we take a friend of the injured person in the ambulance, it is not rare that we have to intervene to prevent images from spreading on social media. I’m amazed at what happens in the minds of people’’ said Bjørndalen to Aftenposten newspaper.

Bjørndalen believes that the threshold for sharing on social media is constantly decreasing, proportionally with the need for attention increasing.

‘’Respect for privacy is being erased’’ he said.

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