American got half a million for wrongful prosecution

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A 27-years old American, who almost killed a Norwegian ex-executive in order to protect himself and his wife, has received NOK 492,000 in compensation from the state, according to VG.

On the night of 19 August 2014, police found the American couple lying on the ground outside a luxury villa in Oslo. They hugged each other and were covered in blood. Beside them was a former executive officer dying from multiple stab wounds.

The American was arrested and charged with attempted murder after stabbing the alleged victim eight times.

The American student was held in custody for almost 9 months, before the investigation concluded that he had acted in self-defence. Norwegian Civil Affairs has now given the man a total of NOK 492,000 in compensation and damages for wrongful prosecution.

“He is relieved that the case is finally closed. It has been a great strain on him and his family”, says lawyer Øyvind Bratlien to VG.

In a recent verdict from the Court of Appeals the former executive was sentenced to seven months’ imprisonment for violence against the American’s wife. The verdict states: “The defendant must bear the responsibility for the situation that occurred.”

He was also sentenced to pay the man’s spouse NOK 60,000 kroner in damages. The Norwegian’s lawyer, Thomas Randby, informs that the verdict has been appealed.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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  1. Rikard Odin Stadheim | 17. February 2017 at 17:07 |

    Very misleading. The “half a million” is actually only $58,000, a pittance compared to what the Americans went through. Why did you not provide more details on what the Norwegian ex-executive did to them?

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