Animal rights activists may be sentenced to pay compensation

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Four animal welfare activists risk having to pay compensation  of NOK 255,000  after having broken into a mink farm.
Next week the four, who belongs to the Network for Animal Freedom, have to meet in  Jaeren District Court, accused of having entered illegally the fur farm,  the newspaper Nationen writes.
Prosecutors believe the amount of a little over a quarter of a million is a fair compensation for the damages done to the fur farmer at Figgjo in Sandnes, NRK reported. The Police Attorney Mina Kristin Roed said the amount reflects the cost of infection control after the operation. The activists were stopped by neighbors and then arrested by the police.
Rune Ellefsen at Network for Animal Rights said to the Nationen that the industry adopts new methods in an attempt to stop the activists, but that this will not stop them. But we may have to become more creative in how we do things in the future, says Ellefsen, He claims the organization has broken into 200 fur farms in the recent years.
Sourse: NTB Scanpix / Norway Today