Anxious parents creates more traffic congestion

road safetyRoad safety.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

School routes are dangerous for our children, believe many parents, and prefer driving children to school. Thus, the routes ar becoming even more dangerous, warns The Norwegian Automobile Accociation (NAF).

1 in 3 parents with school-age children think that traffic safety on the way to school is a problem, according to NAF’s road barometer for 2015.

– Because many parents beleive the way to school is unsafe, they choose to drive their children, but this is not a good solution, says Inger Elisabeth Sagedal, communications director of the organization.

She believes it is a paradox that parents choose this solution.

– It makes the conditions along the road even more dangerous. We adults need to remember that children have sharp vision, but they can not physically assess speed or distance, she said.

Sagedal is asking adults about allying with other parents in the neighborhood.

Then you can cycle or walk along with them, or at least run several together in each car.

– Are you going to drive? park a few hundred meters away from the busiest area, and go with your child the rest of the way, says Sagedal.

The insurance company has developed a GPS where people can report the hazardous traffic school routes. Since the start of school last year, it has made more than 9,000 markers in the map app warning to Slowdown ising GPS at schools and on school routes across the country.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today