Parents in Froland got incorrect tidings of son’s death

Police, Critical InjuriesPolice car. Photo Norway Today Media

A couple from Froland in Aust-Agder were told  that their son was dead. This turned out to be false.

On Saturday morning they were told by a priest that one their sons had been killed in a car accident. This was not the case,  Agderposten writes.
Exactly how this could happen, was still not known on Sunday , but it is clear that the police got a  priest to bring the tidings of  death to the wrong family after the accident on county road 152 in Froland Municipality on Saturday morning.

They were confident that it was the owner of the   car, the couple’s son, who had been killed. But this was not the case, as the son’s car had  allegedly been stolen.
He was asleep at home, and he understood nothing when he called his parents on Saturday morning. They had thought he was dead for an hour.
Pastor Tom Martin Berntsen in Grimstad, who alerted the family, are very critical of the way the police handled the case.

Leader of Operations, Audun Eide of the Agder Police, said that the police strongly regret  what has happened. When he spoke to the newspaper on  Sunday,   he was still affected by the incident and his talk with family on the day before.

– I spoke with them and have apologised to them. This incident is due to a communication failure among the police.  Obviously we will go over this and learn from it. It is clearly regrettable that we wrongly notify people like we did this time, he said.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today