Ari Behns ditched his car

Ari BehnAri Behn.Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB scanpix

Author and artist Ari Behn (44 ) supposedly ended up in the ditch on ‘Gamle Ringeriks vei’ in Bærum on Friday, according to local newspaper Budstikka.

– We have been notified of a car that has run off the road near Toppenhaug, says Operations Manager Rune Hekkelstrand to Budstikka. Therefore, a patrol, tow truck and ambulance were requested.

After what Dagbladet experiences, Ari Behn himself was the driver of the car when the accident occurred.

Supposedly a bus driver first reported about the car that had ended up in the ditch.

A tipster told Budstikka that Behn landed ‘upside down’ and that he stood on the roadside with a mobile phone to his ear afterwards.

Behns car, on the other hand, has suffered significant damage. The right side of the car has been scraped against a cliff, Oslo Police Tweeted.

Operations Manager in the Oslo Police, Rune Ullsand, will not comment on whether the driver was Ari Behn himself, but confirms that it was a man in his forties, according to Dagbladet. According to the police, he tested negative for alcohol.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today