Arson Attacks Plague Sweden

TrollhättanCars in a fire in Trollhättan in Sweden.Photo: Joachim Nywall/TT / NTB scanpix

The Swedish Civil Protection Agency has compiled statistics revealing an almost 75% increase in vehicle arson attacks reported during the past 10 years.


Wednesday, Aug. 15, Swedish police were investigating a seemingly coordinated arson attack upon more than 100 vehicles. The fires began 9 pm Monday night in the main square of Vastra Frolunda (a suburb of Sweden’s 2nd largest city Goteborg), with 33 cars burned & more than 50 vandalized.

Reacting to the swarm of Swedish arson attacks, Sweden’s prime minister Stefan Lofven gave strong position to Radio Sweden, saying “Society is going to react very harshly against this. We’ve changed the laws and we’ve increased the punishment allowable for those found guilty committing acts of vandalism’ –

“Furthermore, we’ll propose this fall to modify legislation,increasing the severity of punishment available to the judiciary when sentencing those found guilty of attacks upon police or emergency personnel that often occur during this kind of activity,” said minister Lofven.

Police report that moments after the Vastra Frolunda fires began,frantic citizens began calling emergency-response to report active car fires in both Kronogarden & Hjallbo.

In Hjallbo, a group of about 10 boys/young men set fire to some 15 cars, and in Kronogarden, 7 cars were damaged and about 40 youths threw stones at police
& rescue workers.

Another car was set afire in Alafors, a rural community between Goteborg & Trollhattan, and a moped was burned in Lysekil; north of Goteborg.

Police believe Monday’s attacks were coordinated by the perpetrators through social media, but have so far been unable to find direct proof.

Tuesday, Aug. 14, police arrested a 16-year boy and a 21-year man suspected of complicity in Monday’s arson attacks. A 29-year man also believed tied to the assaults was apprehended & placed under police detention at a Turkish airport late Tuesday.

Sweden will hold national elections September 9th.


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