The authorities put security guards at Nigardsbreen after death

NigardsbreenLuster.Nigardsbreen.Photo : Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

Luster municipality has decided to put security guards at Nigardsbreen in order to avoid more deaths after a tourist died on Sunday.


“In order to strengthen our work for a period of time, we will begin a physical guard system in the afternoon when there are the most people in the area,” says Jarle Skartun, Luster, NRK.

A 38-year-old man from Austria died after falling into the Nigardsbrevanet in Luster municipality in Sogn og Fjordane on Sunday. The man was one of three people who fell into the water after a chunk of ice claved from the glacier and created a big wave.

The group passed the barriers set up to mark a safe zone between tourists and the glacier. The hot weather this summer has led to cases where the glacier has calved and large chunks of ice have loosened. Several have responded to the tourists’ recklessness in terms of safety at the glacier, including the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate and those responsible in Luster municipality.

Anne Rudsengen in the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate believes measures with physical guards can be a solution.

– “We have Trolltunga and Besseggen where we know they have people present during high season. Perhaps there is an opportunity, so we will discuss it,” she says to NRK.

Already the day after the accidental death, according to Rudsengen, there were more tourists who again chose to go beyond the barriers at the glacier.


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  1. Tragic. Hope the added security helps.

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