Blue-Green Promises a Representative for the Elderly

Elderly people in Norway care for the elderlyElderly. Photo:

Right, Frp, and Left, in accordance with the Government Platform, agrees to assign a National Representative to take up cases concerning the elderly, and put elderly care on the daily agenda.


The Ombudsman will focus on cases concerning older people, patients, and other users of healthcare. This is the first time such a National Representative is established, according to the Progress Party, who has long been campaigning for such.

The goal of having the Representative is to help strengthen the quality of elderly care. Frps electoral spokesman, Bård Hoksrud, wants the Ombudsman to put to light issues such as loneliness and violence against the elderly. He believes that the Ombudsman must help ensure that the elderly in the municipalities receive the services they are entitled to.

“I know that many people have unfortunately experienced having to fight in order to give their nearest and dearest a good life in their old age. This is a fight they should not fight alone. It is therefore important to have a representative to speak for their cause”, says Hoksrud.

The platform states that the government will “establish an Ombudsman for Patients and for the Elderly. The Representative will be assigned to one of the existing Ombudsman for Patients Offices. ”

The three parties agreed last weekend about the platform, which forms the basis for the new government.


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