3 arrested for intoxication in Strömstad

Modified Car, Youngsters drive their cars to Strömstad, to party on Maundy Thursday. Ill. Pixabay.com

Three Norwegians arrested for intoxication in Strömstad

The police in the Swedish border town, Strömstad, believe that the Norwegians who crossed the Swedish border on Thursday, have behaved well. Three Norwegians are nonetheless apprehended for being to much under the influence. This year, the local wine shop was closed by the local police on the day.


– It has been quite calm here in Strömstad, and the Norwegians who have come here have behaved very well. Presently they are beginning to return to Norway to continue the party, says local police officer in Strömstad, Sara Olsson to NTB around 3 pm on Maundy Thursday.

She informs that the police have apprehended three persons due to intoxication.

– Three persons have been transported to the police station to sleep it off, but there have been no serious incidents. All in all, it has been a very pleasant day, says Olsson.

Climbed on top of a car on the E6

There have been no major incidents on the Norwegian side of the border either.

– At 9.42 am we were notified of a convoy consisting of 300 cars that drove into Sweden via the Oslofjord tunnel. They were given directions by the police to stick to the speed limits. We stripped one car of its registration and provided an oral reprimand in connection with the exodus to Sweden, says Operations Manager in the East Police District, Gisle Sveen.

Earlier on Maundy Thursday two persons climbed on the roof of a gray passenger car which was on its way south on the European road 6 near Moss.

– We have not identified them. We are viewing such incidents very seriously, and it would certainly lead to loss of the driver’s license if stopped by us, Sveen says.

– Do you put this incident in connection with the Easter exodus to Strömstad?

– It is highly likely that there is a connection, for sure. It is consistent with behaviour observed in previous years. No-one is reportedly injured in connection with this incident, but these are things we clearly want to avoid happening, says Sveen.

At the ready in Halden

The police are on their toes in the Halden region when people return from Sweden.

– We are present in Halden with a lot of patrols and personnel. We primarily wish to prevent incidents from happening, but we ready to respond if there is a need to do so, says Sveen.


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