Brende: – High level of concern about press freedom in Turkey

Foreign Minister Børge BrendeForeign Minister Børge Brende.Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB scanpix

Turkey uses coup as an excuse to tighten the journalists and media which were not even related to the coup, mentioned by Foreign Minister.

In a meeting with the press organizations, Foreign Minister Børge Brende discussed several measures that Norway will follow up about press and freedom of expression in Turkey.

– I am very concerned about the ongoing situations happenings in terms of freedom of expression and press freedom which has been an area of concern for a long time but after the attempt coup it has become tightened sharply, Brende said to news agency NTB, adding that there is much to suggest that they tighten too strong.

The Minister was presented with seven measures. Brende said that the most important among them is to use Norwegian diplomats to highlight the presence of the most acrimonious lawsuits and often collaborate with other European countries to distribute the work.

– We expect that Norway take concrete initiatives to help ensuring the democracy, the rule of law and the press and freedom of expression in Turkey, said Director Kjersti Loken Stavrum, on behalf of the organizers, the Norwegian Press Association, Norwegian Union of Journalists, Norwegian Editors’ Association, Norwegian PEN and Academy of Oslo and Akershus.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today