British bricklayers arrested in Bergen

Police at work.Police at work.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Two traveling British bricklayers were arrested in Bergen and are being investigated for financial crimes. The police warn against using such services.


The two British citizens were arrested in west Bergen on Tuesday in a cross-border action. According to the police, they performed maintenance on private property, including cleaning of roofs and driveways, as well as drainage.

The Britons are not registered as business owners, either in Norway or in the UK, informs Hordaland Police District. They must have worked for over 100,000 kroner, which was mostly paid in cash or transferred to a foreign bank account. The Britons apparently showed threatening behavior if you asked for a receipt or if you complained about the work.

– “The work is under the table and illegal. The Britons also engaged Romanian beggars from the streets of Bergen to carry out some of the work. Nor were these registered with the tax department, nor formally employed by the Britons. Consequently, they are also not insured, which can have major consequences when working on roofs. The roof work was carried out without approved permits,” said Øystein Andersen, a spokesperson for A-Crimea Hordaland.

The two British citizens are in police custody, initially following the Immigration Act. In addition, criminal proceedings have been instituted against both suspected on economic crime.

Now the police want to get in touch with people who have either been contacted by these traveling craftsmen or who witnessed activity they did not believe was serious.

The police wish to remind people who buy such services themselves can be held financially liable for unpaid taxes and fees. This applies from 10,000 kroner and upwards – even if you divide the payment amount.


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