Bus for train on Several stretches

cows hit by train Bus for trainIllustration.Train: Photo: pixabay.com

Bus for train on Bergensbanen and Sørlandsbanen

On Monday, four of NSB’s routes were unavailable due to the weather. Bergensbanen and Sørlandsbanen has buss for train Monday afternoon.


The railroad to Bergen  is closed between Trolldalen and Flå after a river went astray and removed several meters of the foundation from under the track. Bane Nor says to NTB that the line is probably closed until 6 pm on Monday evening.

– We use busses between Hønefoss and Nesbyen, but we have had challenges in obtaining enough buses; It was one of the train sets that was held up for three hours, says Håkon Myhre, press spokesperson in NSB to NTB.

Sørlandsbanen is closed between Vennesla and Nelaug because there are problems with the supply of power. NSB organizes bus transport and according to Bane Nor, the stretch will be closed all Monday.

Additionally, the stretches between Nordagutu and Skien together with Jevnaker and Hval were unavailable due to lack of electricity and also water covering the tracks. Whit four stretches down, NSB did not obtain enough buses to cover the demand.

– We are in the middle of the autumn holiday now, and currently do not have enough buses for all the travelers. For our travelers, this is very sad and we are working full blast to obtain enough buses, says Myhre.

Bane Nor encourages travelers to stay updated using the NSB app.


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