Cataloñia declares independence

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National Assembly of Cataloñia declares independence from Spain

The National assembly of Cataloñia has decided inependence from Spain. Simultaneously the central Government is preparing to revoke their autonomy.


70 representatives voted for the proposal on Friday afternoon, while ten voted against and two made a no vote. The opposition in the regional assembly, who does not want independence, boycotted the vote.

– We hereby establish a Catalan Republic as an independent and sovereign state, the proposal states.

There was a lot of applause in the hall as the result was announced. Thousands of those in favour of independence present outside the building cheered, danced and launched fireworks.

Wants to take over the governance

The  Government of Spain believes the Catalan attempt to obtain independence is in violation of the Constitution. Friday evening, it is expected that the Government in Madrid will deprive the region of self-governance. This will be done by applying paragraph 155 of the Spanish constitution.

After independence was adopted in Barcelona, panish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy pledges to restore law in Cataloñia


– I urge all Spaniards to remain calm, Rajoy tweets.

Shortly thereafter, the Spanish Senate approved the Government’s plan to impose direct control of Cataloñia.

It entails depositing the regional President Carles Puigdemont and his Government. The idea is that Cataloñia will retain self-government after elections are being held in the region.

Crisis Meeting

Rajoy has summoned the government to a crisis meeting at 6 pm. A Government source, who does not want to be named, confirms that the termination of the Catalan self-governance will be enforced after a meeting on Friday.

The Government will bring the declaration of independence before the Spanish Constitutional Court.

Additionally a judicical source states that those responsible for the declaration of independence will be charged with rebellion. This is a crime of punishable with up to 25 years in prison in Spain.

Milder penalties can be applied if the insurgency does not lead to violence.

Rich region

Catalonia is one of Spain’s richest regions, responsible for a significant part of the GDP

October 1, a large majority voted for independence. The participation was only at 43 per cent, not in the least due to the excessive force applied by the central Government to hinder people from exercising their basic human rights.

Polls made earlier this year shows that a slight majority in Catalonia wants to remain being a part of Spain. A vast majority however feel that they should be allowed to vote on the issue.

Rajoy claims that the central Government intervenes on behalf of the majority of Catalonians.

Day of sadness

One of the representatives wishing to remain in Spain, Carlos Carrizosa, tore up the separatists’ declaration of independence.

– This is a sad and dramatic day in Catalonia, he stated in a speech to the regional assembly before the vote.

At the same time, separatists warn that they will put obstacles in the way of central Government if it takes control of the region. Albert Botran (CUP) promises “massive civil disobedience” and “resistance” against the central Government.

President of the EU, Donald Tusk, says he hopes the Madrid government will refrain from use of power in the conflict with Cataloñia. At the same time, he confirms that the EU is only in dialogue with the central government in Madrid.

– For EU nothing has been changed. Spain is still our sole partner, Tusk writes on Twitter.


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