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Statutory right to charge electric cars

charge electric cars enovaElectric car.Photo: Norway Today Media

Cooperative housing might obtain statutory right to charge electric cars

Soon, all cooperative housing flats might obtain statutory right to charge electric cars. The parliamentary majority wants to give all owners of housing cooperatives and condominiums legal right to provide charging points for electric cars.


In several resolutions on Wednesday, the Parliament (Storting) recommends that the Government, among other things, come up with a bill that ensures that people who own homes in housing associations and co-ops are entitled to establish charging points for electric cars.

The exception from a statutory right is if “there is a reasonable reason for such an establishment not to take place”, according to the decision.

The parliamentary majority also calls on the Government to look into the possibility of imposing demands on new buildings and buildings that are going through extensive refurbishments to be made ready for charging points.

Progress Party against

The Government parties – the Conservatives and the Progress Party – does not agree with the majority’s recommendation for a statutory right to provide charging points for all condominiums.

The Progress Party stands alone against the desire for a law ordering provision of charging points for new settlements.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today


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