Charges being brought in large Oslo drug bust

Oslo Courthouse prostitutes trialOslo Courthouse.Photo. Norway Today Media

The police have so far arrested eight people after the discovery of over 100 kilos of narcotics in an apartment in Oslo.They do not rule out more arrests.

The seizure was made before Christmas,and the case has been known about since the beginning of January.On Thursday,two new accused were held in custody for four weeks with a ban on letters and visits,by Oslo District Court wrote ABC News.

‘’We believe the accused belong to an organised drug ring.The substance was found in an apartment in Oslo’’ said prosecutor, Vegar Munthe Ommedal,of Oslo police district.

The two men,who are 18 and 25 years old, according to the defence, deny the charges.

Further seizures of drugs have been made in connection with the arrests.

‘’It is too early to say anything about what kind of milieu the accused belong to.On the other hand,we cannot rule out the substance comes from the gang environment’’said prosecutor Ommedal.

The police have informed NRK news that the discovery was of “tens of kilos” of narcotics,and according to NRK’s sources, it was more than 100 kilos.

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