Drops May 17th parade due to fear of terror

May 17th, 17 may-celebration of Karl Johan Street in Oslo17 may-celebration of Karl Johan Street in Oslo.Photo: Vegard Grøtt / NTB scanpix

Drops the children’s parade on May 17th


Several families say they want to drop the children’s parade on May 17th because they fear terrorism.


The police don’t believe there is cause for concern, and encouraged parents to let their children attend the parade to celebrate Norway’s democracy. But some families will be avoiding the crowds on May 17th.

‘It’s stupid that terrorists are destroying this event for anybody. May 17th is a big day for us in Norway’, said Synne Bryn Gjerdåker (15).

‘I’m afraid of terror, I must say,’ says friend, Stine Kongvold Bjørnebek, who is also 15 years old.

They are in the tenth grade at Marienlyst School, and say that there are others beside them who won’t be at the parade on May the 17th.

Good that people attend the parade

‘I have not gone in recent years, but this year, my reasons include terrorism. In the past, there have been cars and trucks that have driven into crowds, and on May 7th, there will be a large crowd,’ says Bryn Gjerdåker.

But when asked what she thought about the polices’ encouragement for people to march in the parade, Bryn Gjerdåker responded,

‘Yes, many people will march and that’s good. The terrorists want us to be afraid’, she said.

Baard Amundsen is the father of 10 year old Martha, who attends a school in Oslo west. According to Amundsen, the 10-year-old came home from school earlier this week and said that ‘everyone in class’ had said that a terrorist attack would take place on the May 17th.

‘She showed me that some politicians had said it. At the same time, she said that one should not be afraid, because that is what the terrorists want’, said Amundsen.

That is presumably why it is called ‘terrorism’ after all.


Source: nrk.no (Akershus) / Norway Today