‘Christian’ student leader proposes Muslim holiday

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Head of Norway’s Christian Student Union, Ingvild Yrke proposed “giving away”some of the Christian holidays to the women’s movement, the environmental movement and to Muslims.


Yrke suggestion followed a recent press release from the priests, Einar Gelius and Per Anders Nordengen that there are too many Christian holidays. In an interview with Klassekampen newspaper, the student proposed replacing the so-called ‘second days’ (of Christmas Day, Easter, and Pentecost).

‘’International Women’s Day on March 8, World Environment Day and Id Al-Fitr or Id Al-Adha are good alternative public holidays,’’ said Yrke.

She showed, among other things, that the second days are a survival from the time
when many needed an extra day to get to church. In addition, she believes that it will be a nurturing action to give the Muslims a day off.

“We Christians are called to fight for the weak in the matter. We who are a majority who must give them that day if they ever get it,” said Yrke, although did not comment on the fact that Muslims already have these days off along with everybody else in Norwegian society.

Leader of the Oslo Fremskrittsparti (Frp) and speaker for Siv Jensen at parliament, Mazyar Keshvari, is shocked by the suggestion.

“You can rightly ask about so-called priests and Christians who consciously and actively work to remove Christianity and its relevance, to introduce Islamic influence and dominance,if they are truly Christians, and serving the Lord, or all other powers,” he told Klassekampen.

Nor was vice-president of the parliament, Abid Raja of Venstre (V) particularly enthusiastic.

“Such a trade-off in favour of Muslims would be a special arrangement, and to put it in hurriedly creates unrestricted growth rather than community building,” he said.


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