“Clowns” scared people in large parts of the country

Illustration, photo of person dressed as the clownOslo.Illustration, photo of person dressed as the clown : Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

Police had to turn out several places in the country after receiving reports of clowns who were walking around scaring people on Friday night.

The police district which were the first to take action was Follo, where police first had to turn out on Friday night at about 8 after receiving reports that several children had been frightened by a person in clown mask at a youth club.After searching for the person with the mask unsuccessfully,the police decided to let the matter lie.

At half past 9, the police in Hedmark had to turn out.- We received two separate messages from older people. They had been frightened by clowns in the park who ran after them with baseball bats,  operations manager Stig Hansen Folstad said to the news agency NTB on Friday night.

Soon after it became clear that it was five minor boys who were behind the incidents.
At 10 o’clock Friday night  the police in Vestfold, could also reveal that several people had been observed in clown costumes in Sandefjord.

According to Sande Blad, several persons have notified the police.

In both the US and UK  scary clowns  have already spread fear a while.

The trend has been linked to the figure Pennywise in the book “It” by Stephen King, due to appear in cinemas next year. Film company Warner Bros. denies that clown trend is an attempt on “viral” marketing on their part.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today