Venstre Party (V) wants demand for solar cell panels on cabin roofs


The energy and environmental committee leader in parliament, Ketil Kjenseth (V), wants demands that large cabins be built with solar panels on the roof.

He believes this is a requirement that the municipalities should be able to put on new cabin builders.

‘’There are many municipalities who are interested in expanding larger cabin areas and facilitating cabin development. We see a tendency for the cabins to be larger and larger, and more infrastructure is being built, such as water and drainage, electricity and asphalt” Kjenseth told Nationen newspaper.

He believes the requirement should apply to new cabins with a ceiling area of over 100 square meters and that it can be implemented with grants.

“We have Enova, which provides grants of 15–25% for development, which should be interesting for builders and cabin owners. If you pay three to four million for a cabin, then you can afford to put solar panels on the roof for 100,000” he said.

“It will also reduce electricity bills in the years to come, so it pays for itself” added the committee chair.

Figures from show that in 2018, Enova provided subsidies for solar cells for 837 private individuals.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today