Norway returns the largest number of children from Afghanistan

AfghanistanAfghanistan Boy. Photo:

Norway has forcibly returned 37 asylum children to Afghanistan so far this year. No other country has returned as many children to the war-torn country.

The newspaper VG has obtained data from nine countries which it is natural to compare Norway to.

The figures show that Norway forcibly returning many more children than the other countries in question do.

According to the Afghan refugee and repatriation ministry, until the end of September, Norway, UK, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark were the only countries which had signed agreements with Afghanistan on the return of refugees.

Of these countries, Norway and the Netherlands are the only ones which report to VG that they  have deported children in 2016, Norway to a far greater extent than the Netherlands.

Immigration and Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug has repeatedly said that it is important Norway follow a European standard in the refugee policy.

Justice Ministry stated that they have not investigated what kind of practices other countries for forcibly returning people compared to Norway.

Leader of the Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers, Ann-Magrit Austenå believes the large number of people being forcibly returned i something that happens on the basis of clear political guidelines to increase the number of returns.

– They mean for the practice to be as strict as possible and to be among the strictest in Europe.

This has taken place while all international reports show that the situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated both economically, socially and safety.

At a European conference where NOAS participated in the winter of this year, the returns were referred to as the Norwegian model. I think that this is not a model to be proud of,  the NOAS leader says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today