Communications Authority demands operation of Norwegian networks in Norway


Mobile and broadband networks in Norway must be operated from here, says the National Communications Authority (Nkom).

– We must acknowledge the importance of civilian commercial networks for society and the total defence.

The question is whether we will be comfortable if we are in a difficult situation and rely on services from abroad, Head of Division in Nkom, Einar Lunde, told Dagens Næringsliv.

The proposal comes after it became known that IT workers in India had access to parts of the emergency network system, used by police, fire and healthcare workers.

The Emergency Network contractor Broadnett has now moved the IT business from India to Norway.

Lunde says the NRK series ‘Valkyrien’ shows how vulnerable the infrastructure is.

– The series visualized the problem in a good way, and showed how dependent we are of the complex digital value chains that are exposed to other vulnerabilities than they were in the analogue world.

State Secretary Reynir Johannesson (Progress Party) in the Ministry of Transport and Communications says that NKom’s proposal is a good basis to work on.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today