Don’t cancel London trip

LondonLondon.Terrorist attack. Armed police take cover outside the the Houses of Parliament, London, Wednesday, March 22, 2017. Photo:(Stefan Rousseau/PA via AP).

Expert on the UK, Jan Erik Mustad, believes there is no reason to cancel a London trip after Wednesday’s terrorist attack.

Jan Erik Mustad, Lecturer in British Studies at the University of Agder, believes people should not worry more than usual.

– Travel to London; travel as usual, there is nothing to be afraid of, but as one does in all cities – take precautions, says Mustad.

He is referring to report things that you think looks suspicious as well as to assist if something happens.

– It’s about being alert, but then again, people usually are, Mustad explains.

 Important to continue to travel

The Lecturer understands that people find it intimidating when things like this happen, and especially to a place where you plan to go. He reminds us that such things are difficult to remain docile to, especially given the present world situation.

– But if it is any consolation, when a terrorist attack has happened somewhere, it often takes a long time before it happens another one in the same place, Mustad elaborates.

Mustad also does not think the area that was exposed to terror will be closed of.

– I think this openness in our western democracy, the values it is based on is very important to enforce in such times, says Mustad.

 Not surprising

The UK expert said it is terrible to see the images when these terrorist attacks occur, but that he has been waiting for an attack against London.

– It was probably a bit the feeling people of London also had, Brussels, Berlin and Paris. London was waiting its turn, says Mustad.

In London, there is high terror preparedness, and the police were quickly in place and closed of the area around the Westminster Bridge and the Parliament.

– This is something anti-terror police trains for, and they recently had a large exercise on the Thames just for this purpose, says Mustad.

Used to with terrorist threats.

London has experienced demonstrations, riots and terrorist attacks for many decades, and Jan Erik Mustad think people in the big city is accustomed to living with the threat of terrorism.

– They know that London is, and has been, a terrorist target for a long time. They are aware that a large concentration of people can be dangerous, explains Mustad, saying that the police are always present where ever a lot of people are gathered.


Source: / Norway Today