Continued decline in fertility

Man and woman in bedMan and woman in bed.Photo: Sara Johannessen / SCANPIX

Fertility rates in Norway have fallen since 2009 and the fall continues.

Statistics Norway (SSB) believes that the current average of just above 1.7 children per woman will continue in the future. The lowest predicted average is 1.5 children, while the highest is 1.9.

Since 2009, fertility in Norway fell by 0.25 children per woman. This is mainly because women have postponed childbearing and are less likely choose to bear three or more children. The Agency considers it unlikely that the downward trend for the third births over the past 15 years will turn around.

“While generous family arrangements and a strong two child norm in Norwegian society suggests that Norwegian women continue to receive relatively many children, there are other factors that point towards lower fertility,” writes SSB.

SSB notes that these factors are postponements of births among a growing number of young women, and that women – and men – in the future may wish to spend more time on things other than children.
“We therefore believe that the future women will not end up with as much as two children on average when they have completed their fertile period,” statisticians believe.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today