Coronavirus infection growth in Oslo is flattening out

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Infection growth in Oslo has flattened out in recent days.

The capital’s infection tracers have established control over twelve major outbreaks, newspaper Aftenposten reports.

The infection in Oslo has increased steadily since the summer holidays.

Last week, about 40% of all new infection cases in Norway were discovered in Oslo.

Developments in recent days may indicate that the growth is flattening out, according to Aftenposten.

272 news cases since last Friday

Since last Friday, 272 new infection cases have been detected in Oslo, according to figures from the National Institute of Public Health (FHI).

In comparison, the number of infections increased from 207 to 310 in week 38.

“Our figures currently show 195 new cases this week up to and including Thursday, so we can hope that it’s flattening out a bit.

That is what we want from the new measures,” communications manager Christian Ekker Larsen in the Health Service in Oslo municipality noted.

On the other hand, there are still about ten times more detected infections in Oslo now than at the end of July.

Largest outbreak in Alna

The infection in Oslo is now lowest in the districts of Ullern, Vestre Aker, and Østensjø.

The largest single outbreak in Oslo is now in Alna.

On Friday, 52 new cases of infection were registered in Oslo – a slight decrease from the day before, according to the figures from Oslo municipality.

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  1. It is simply, statistically not true that the infection is flattening out, and it isn’t logical that it would, anyway. Without every prevention measure possible – like mandatory facemasking anywhere in public – an airborne infection like this is going to expand exponentially.

    From the Nattavisen article today – Google-translated:

    The infection rate for Oslo has risen from 115 in week 36 to 209 in week 37 and 310 in week 38.

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