Crashed Russian helicopter found on the seabed outside Barentsburg

Search for crashed helicopter in Svalbard.Photo: Frode Urke / NTB scanpix

The Russian helicopter that crashed outside Barentsburg has been found on the seabed. Eight people who were on board are believed to have died.


‘The missing Russian helicopter is likely to be located at a depth of 209 meters,’ said HRS.

A sonar from the research vessel, G.O. Sars, located the helicopter, about 2.1 kilometres northeast of Heerodden.

‘What’s happening now is that the rescue operation ends and turns into a search for
those assumed dead, under the control of the police. The Governor will lead the work locally, said rescue leader, Frode Iversen, in HRS to NTB news agency.

The helicopter disappeared on Thursday during a flight to Barentsburg.

During the weekend, rescue crews used underwater vessels in the search. Earlier on Sunday, they made a discovery of an ‘suspect object’ on the seabed.


©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today