Crown Prince Haakon visits a Kirkenes community in shock after Russian invasion of Ukraine

Lena Norum Bergeng (Ap) and Crown Prince Haakon in Kirkenes. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB

Crown Prince Haakon has heard firsthand about the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine during a visit to Kirkenes.

Life has changed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Crown Prince Håkon has witnessed firsthand a Kirkenes community in shock following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In a meeting at the Barents Secretariat, the Crown Prince was briefed by Barents Secretariat’s leader Lars Georg Fordal and Sør-Varanger Mayor Lena Norum Bergeng (AP). The two spoke of the impact that the war in Ukraine has had on this Norwegian community that shares a border with Russia.

Bergeng said that on, “Thursday, February 24 of this year, the whole picture changed for us here in Sør-Varanger. The war in Ukraine created great uncertainty and fear for the future.” Furthermore, she told Crown Prince Haakon about a crisis facing the local authorities in dealing with social security issues, questions about shelters, business challenges, and a general change in everyday life since the war in Ukraine was started by Kirkenes nearest international neighbor.

Russo-Norwegian Border has now become a “wall”

General manager Lars Georg Fordal in the Barents Secretariat, which helps promote Russo-Norwegian peace and co-operation, spoke about a grinding halt to all dealings with Russian officialdom. Fordal explained to the Crown Prince that “we have up here seen the border as a bridge between people. Unfortunately, that has now changed. It has almost become a wall, and the relationship with the neighbors is characterized by a war that the Russians have started.”

Fordal spoke to NTB about the importance of the Royal Family showing an interest in the region. For him, the Royal visit was “a signal of support, interest, and understanding. The situation now is very complicated. Everyone hopes for peace in Ukraine, but it may be extra complicated for those who have worked actively with Russia.”

border Russian Russia
The Russo-Norwegian border at Kirkenes (NOR) and Storskog (RUS). Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

Crown Prince mingled with residents of Kirkenes

The Crown Prince was not joined by his wife, Crown Princess Mette Marit who has, according to the Royal Palace, unfortunately, fallen ill. During his trip to Kirkenes, the Crown Prince also mingled with residents of Kirkenes at Go’biten patisserie, visited the Basen youth club, and met members of the local ice hockey team, the Kirkenes Puckers.

Source : © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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2 Comments on "Crown Prince Haakon visits a Kirkenes community in shock after Russian invasion of Ukraine"

  1. On another forum, there is a photo of NATO SecGen Jens Stoltenberg with his arm around a highly positioned member of Norway’s national security community. My comment there:

    The cosiness of this national security community too easily produces groupthink which can too easily lockstep us on into the very war which we gravely risk at this very moment.

    There are those elsewhere who would like to see a war – even nuclear – waged against Russia in sideshow theaters like Ukraine and the North.

    Meanwhile, genuine civil defense/sivillforsvars is essentially nonexistent for the general population – by contrast.

    Instead giving the Russians the fair peace and security treaty we *owe* them after our past broken security promises to them and then our Budapest peace agreement breaking 2014 Kiev coup

    would be SO much easier

    would have *prevented* this holocaust, as bad as it is, just so far.

    *Some*one has to stand up and say STOP – MAKE PEACE.

    Kåre Willoch would have. Old as he already was, he was the only Norwegian there that one day with the backbone to stand up and call down NATO DptySecGen Alexander Vershbow’s complaints after Russia’s post-Kiev-coup countermoves, demanding “What did you *expect*?”

    #groupthink #norge #forsvaret #ukrainewar #nuclearwar #civildefense #sivillforsvars #ww3

  2. To the Swedes – its better late then never. It couldv’e been you country. My Mother’s Grand-Father Aner Sholestrom was a Swede he has long past away already. He married a French woman and they came to the US to raise a family. Their kids were in WWII and after the war his one sone started a dairy farm in or near Leroy, MI with another uncle. So we have or had relatives in your area as well. So what happens to you guys will effect those of us who came from those relatives that country or thereabouts.

    As for myself I’m half Swedish & French on my Mother’s side and I Italian on my Father’s side. So we have European blood in our veins as well – I too married an Italian gal whose
    parents came from Italy as well. They had stories to tell us about their days gone by and
    about WWI and WWI-

    What happens in Europe will effect those of us who have relatives in those areas.
    As for Russia well its been a sorry site to see Ukraine attacked and Putin has to
    go he’s an old Russian from WWII and you can’t trust. Caution with any dealings you
    may agree to. NATO is your best choice and well supported by many Nation’s. Peace
    is all we want but we stand together when needed. My best to you and your Family
    and your Country.


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