Customs burn a lot more drugs than before

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Since the amendment of an act last year in autumn, the customs service has destroyed an enormous amount of medication that were illegally imported into Norway.

The sale of medicines on the Internet has exploded in recent years, but the harmful effects of the use can be serious. According to Customs Administration, Norwegians order everything from heart medicines, antibiotics, sexual power medication and sleeping pills on the internet.
Until the 1st of October last year, the Customs Administration was not allowed to destroy undistributed drugs. So everything was returned to the sender, who consequently could try sending it again in the hope that the receipient gets his order.

After the ban which came into force on October 1st, it has become much easier to enforce regulations. And large quantities of illegal drugs were removed from the market for good.
– We see a lot of drugs coming from especially England or Germany. But when you look closely at the origin of the drugs, they are originally from India or third world countries. Thus, those drugs have been redirected via a European country just to get it to look better, said the customs chief invigilator Hanne Wickstrøm who is Head of the drugs at Posten godssenter in Alnabru where the Customs have offices.
According to the Customs, there are virtually no foreign companies that meet the Norwegian requirements and thus, are not allowed to import drugs into the country.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today