NRK Dagsrevyen is lagging digitally

NRK DagsrevyenDagsrevyen is the main news broadcast of the Norwegian Public Broadcaster NRK. Originally broadcast at 6 pm. Photo: NRK Dagsrevyen.

NRK Dagsrevyen is lagging digitally

600,000 Norwegians watch NRK’s main news broadcast, Dagsrevyen, at 7 pm every day. Only 20,000 of those watch it on NRK’s online streaming service, though.

VG writes that for the age group 20–29 years and 30–39 years, about one-third of their total viewing time on the public broadcaster is via its streaming services

The corresponding figures for streaming among the oldest age groups are far lower, according to Head of Analysis of NRK, Kristian Tolonen. Less than 10 per cent of total viewing time is based on streaming among those over 50. This corresponds well with the low streaming use for Dagsrevyen (the Day in review), VG continues.



Doubling of online viewers of Dagsrevyen

“A few years ago, only about 10,000 watched Dagsrevyen online. Now it’s more than doubled. There has thus been some change, even though consumption is highest linear,” Tolonen explains. He adds that it is the younger ones who watch the news broadcasts online the most.

In the first half of 2019, there were 298,000 Norwegians who watched linear TV, on average, throughout the day.  This is shown by figures VG has collected through the analysis firm Kantar. That is 74,000 fewer viewers than in 2015. The figures are based on two surveys, where the age groups ranging from 20-69 years were examined.

“The decline in broadcast TV will continue, with the use of streaming services increasing,” Head of Analysis of NRK believes.

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