Dangerous Heat Wave hitting European Tourist Destinations

RomeA woman cools off in a fountain at Piazza del Popolo in Rome, Italy, Thursday, Aug. 3, 2017. Temperatures are expected to reach 35-40 degrees celsius (95-104 Fahrenheit) in central and south Italy, according to weather reports. (Angelo Carconi/ANSA via AP)

Forest fires and extensively dry weather around Europe, the authorities have issued public warnings and have asked that people stay indoors, since temperatures are only expected to continue rising thru next week.


Parts of Europe are experiencing the most extreme heat wave in a decade. This week, the scale has crept over 40 degrees in several European cities.

At least two people in Romania and Poland have lost their lives, and many people have been sent to hospital with heat injuries related to extreme weather, reports Reuters.

Since 2003, 127,000 people have died as a result of heat waves in Europe.

Tourist towns hit hard
Italy is experiencing ten degrees warmer temperatures than their usual temperatures this time of the year.

An art museum in Florence had to shut the doors this week because the heat caused problems with their facilities air conditioner system.

Rome, Sardinia and Sicily have had temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius (over 104 degrees Fahrenheit) and Italian authorities have encouraged people to stay indoors and drink sufficient water.

Rising heat in Central Europe
Central Europe are also experiencing extreme temperatures.

In Albania, the country’s defense forces have had to assist firefighters to fight many forest fires in the country and have requested crisis assistance from the EU to prevent the fires spreading too close to the capital Tirana.

The European weather station Meteoalarm estimates that the high temperatures will continue next week, in both Central Europe and the Balkans.


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