Danish epidemiologist: The mutated coronavirus is like a completely new disease – and it’s more contagious

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The Danish epidemiologist Viggo Andreasen believes that the mutated coronavirus must be treated as a completely new disease and demands even stricter measures.

The mutated virus, which was first detected in the UK, is said to be more contagious than the original coronavirus. 

Studies estimate that the new variant is 50-70% more contagious than the virus that paralyzed the world in 2020, Andreasen said. 

Andreasen is an associate professor of epidemiology at Roskilde University.

“We are in a situation where we have to stop the virus by having less contact with each other. 


“It should be assumed that the R-number has increased by 50–70%. Now it looks like the coronavirus we are used to has an R-number of just under 1 with the current restrictions,” he said.

The R-number is the expected number of cases generated by one case.

Andreasen believes Denmark is now in a similar situation as in March when the first coronavirus spread violently.

“There is not much else we can do now but to further tighten restrictions. In the long run, one can hope to stop some of the spread with better infection tracking, but that takes time,” he noted.

Situation in Norway

The R-number in Norway is now estimated at 1.3, the National Institute of Public Health (FHI) stated on Saturday

Each person who is infected with the coronavirus further infects an average of 1.3 people. 

Just a month ago, at the beginning of December, the FHI estimated that the R-number was 0.8.

To date, 16 cases of the mutated virus have been registered in Norway.

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2 Comments on "Danish epidemiologist: The mutated coronavirus is like a completely new disease – and it’s more contagious"

  1. I have heard that this is getting into younger age groups too.

    I have also heard that it is milder.

    Is this true, NT?

  2. Yes it’s milder ,but extremely spreadable.
    Example: before = 0.8 that meant 2 people positive you had 0.16 chance
    now you have 2 people at 50-70% that means 100% – 114% you will get it.
    so it puts the factor up to 1.3 people or 4-5 people past you as one positive person.
    Play it down ? you will see news agencies do this.
    But in reality it’s a quadruple type of thing.
    left unchecked?
    1 = 1.3 2= 2.6 4= ?.?
    it doubles out as it moves. 1 positive 4-5 can carry but 1.3 get infected.
    had covid-19 before? = you don’t get infected by the super covid.
    Even if the super covid was 30% = 2 positive people you had a 60% chance.
    now 2 people will guarantee it moves. 2=100-114% 4=200-224%
    10 positive people? = 10=1,000-1,140% so it actually quadruples the effectivity.
    Are more people dying then people being born ?
    That’s what comes next if people let it roll.

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