Danish newspaper sends message to Støre: “Take the lead in the green transition”

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“Dear Norway, if you, with an Oil Fund worth 12,000 billion, can’t implement a rapid green shift, then no one can,” the newspaper Information wrote on its front-page editorial on Wednesday.

In an editorial on Wednesday, the Danish newspaper noted that, in this parliamentary elections, Norway had the chance to take a lot of responsibility on its broad shoulders and show oil countries around the world that it is possible to change course in time.

“But that’s not how it went. The chance of making much-needed and significant changes in Norwegian climate policy seems to be over. The victor, Jonas Gahr Støre from the Labor Party, does not want to be dependent on the Red Party and the Green Party,” the newspaper wrote.

The newspaper Information believes that this means that the most far-reaching demands for climate action have been slowed down and that Norway now risks putting its “otherwise well-deserved good reputation in the world” at risk.

A clear appeal

The newspaper has a clear appeal to Støre:

“Dear Jonas Gahr Støre: Norway has not only all the right prerequisites but also an obligation to take the lead in the green transition. It is a difficult task, and we know that. But if Norway can’t do it, who can?”

The newspaper Information describes itself as a politically independent newspaper, but most experts place it on the center-left in the political landscape. It was originally a press service for the Danish resistance movement during the German occupation of Denmark.

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