Demands CO2 stamp on Government platform

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Industrial and environmental organizations demand CO2 stamp on Government platform

In a letter to the Government, several industry and environmental organizations demand that capture and storage of CO2 becomes a prioritized area in the Government platform.


Norwegian Industry, Norwegian Oil and Gas, together with environmental organizations, Bellona and Zero, are disappointed with the cut backs in the current state budget, and are now requesting a high level of carbon capture (CCS) storage at both Yara’s ammonia plant, Norcem’s cement plant and at the waste facility at Klemetsrud in Oslo , writes  Dagens Næringsliv (Business Today).

The reason for the demand is twofold. Firstly, the plants alone account for more than 10 per cent of the CO2 emissions from Norwegian industry, and catch is therefore crucial for Norway to reach the emission targets we are committed to. Furthermore, it is pointed out that Norway’s commitment to CCS technology can provide several thousand jobs.

Lots of input

Since the start of negotiations on a Government platform started on January 2, the Liberals (Venstre) has received a steady flow of notices from organizations containing input to how the party can show that it has an impact. Among the organizations that have received input are the Association of Norwegian Businesses (NHO), Trade Unions, in addition to the environmental movement, entrepreneurship and education organizations.

– We have received between 100 and 150 inputs. Everything is read and systematized, says press officer in the Liberal Party, Jan-Christian Kolstø, to the newspaper.

The Conservatives (Høyre), Progress Party (FrP) and Liberals (Venstre) are keen to submit a declaration of Government during this weekend, but are still negotiating difficult matters. The bodies of the three bourgeois parties were Friday prepared to meet at short notice to consider a possible Government platform, NTB got confirmed on Friday. Sunday is suggested as a probable time for the declaration.

The Government will however require support from the Christian Democrats (KrF) or even Labour (Ap) on a case to case basis.


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